Four Tips To Help You Survive Your Radical Downsize

Radically downsizing from a large home to an apartment can be overwhelming. Obviously, you need to get rid of a lot of things, including some you may not be overly eager to part with. But if you've decided that moving to a smaller home is the best choice for you, then you need to embrace this choice and do the best you can. Here are some tips to help you survive your downsizing endeavor:

Give your things to friends and family members.

Getting rid of possessions is easier if you know they are being put to good use. So, before you donate things or sell them, give your family members and close friends an opportunity to claim them. Perhaps you have some college students or young adults in your family who could really use your spare bedding, towels, and furniture!

You could set everything you're getting rid of aside in one room, and invite friends over to "go shopping." Another option is to place sticky notes on everything you're willing to part with. Have your friends walk through your home and write their names on the notes attached to items they want.

Rent a small moving truck.

When it comes time to pack up and actually move, make sure you rent a small moving truck. When your space is limited in the truck, you will be less tempted to take more than will fit in your apartment. You can also self-limit your packing by only buying a certain number of boxes and only packing what will fit into them.

Measure everything.

A good way to downsize your furniture collection is to measure every piece of furniture you own. Also, measure the dimensions of your new apartment. Get rid of anything that won't fit. Then, reassess the furniture that will fit, and select your favorite pieces to keep. Sell or get rid of the rest.

Rent a storage unit.

There are sure to be some items you're not sure whether you'll need or want in your new place. Rent a storage unit, and use it to house these items. Limit the size of your storage until so you're not tempted to hold into too much. This also has the added advantage of minimizing your monthly costs. (Smaller units are less costly to rent.)

To learn more about downsizing, reach out to a moving company in your area. They can tell you what has worked for past customers. Contact a company like Warners Moving & Storage for more information and assistance.