What You Can Expect To Pay For Various Moving Services

Moving is never cheap, even if you are just moving down the road a little bit. If you have to move, it is always a smart idea to find out how much it will cost you to move so that you can budget that amount for moving day. Here are some averages across the country for moving services. DIY Moving DIY moving still has its expenses, to be sure. You can pay anywhere from $19. [Read More]

Tips For Preventing Condensation From Destroying Products In Plastic Containers

Heavy-duty plastic storage bins make excellent storage containers for a variety of products including food, books, and clothing. These storage containers are optimal for protecting their contents from a variety of environmental elements, such as water and dust, and can take quite a bit of impact damage without denting or breaking. However, one drawback to using plastic storage bins is moisture can condense inside the container and ruin whatever it is you're storing in it. [Read More]

Eight Quick Tips For Avoiding Injuries And Accidents When Moving Yourself

Moving yourself may help you save money in comparison to hiring a moving company, but it also means you'll be doing a lot of physical labor. Arriving at your new home with an injury won't be any fun, so make sure you follow these quick safety tips to avoid accidents and injuries as you pack, drive, and unpack. Take big furniture items apart. Even with several people helping you, moving big items like dressers and desks down flights of stairs and into the moving truck can be risky. [Read More]

Six Essential Steps To Take Post-Move

When you finally arrive in your new home and are surrounded by piles of boxes and disconnected appliances, it's tough to know what to do first. Surely, you need to unpack everything and do a lot of organizing, but you don't want to get so engrossed in these tasks that you neglect other important post-move endeavors. Here are six essential steps to take (in addition to unpacking) following your move. [Read More]